Winstonberry came from an idea for Chloé and I, a Mum/Daughter team to work together.  The name has attracted much interest and is derived of family names.  In 2018 we found our perfect property and threw ourselves into a bricks and mortar project, a café, B&B and gift shop.  It was wonderful to set up, and after 2 good years we were gathering momentum.  In March 2020 Covid-19 hit the headlines – and our business!  We weren’t old enough or big enough to sustain the uncertainty of months without income so we made the decision to close our lovely Gainford shop. It was a toughie – but we do believe it was the right one to make.


After closing the shop and cafe, we began to feel that perhaps there was more mileage in the business.  It didn't have to be the end of our story.  We could take our much loved home accessories and gift shop on line.  The range had been popular and our customers always responded well.  With backgrounds in art and design, we both have a certain ‘eye’ for lovely things and it seemed the next step was in fact, to to build on what we'd already started.


We do hope you will love the things we have gathered for you, our lovely customers.  We've sourced some gorgeous, gorgeous things - for your home, for gifts for family and friends – or for you to treat yourself!  Our aim in the long term is to build a great on-line presence and grow the brand with beautiful, colourful and unique ‘must have things’.  Eventually, we will introduce items with our very own designs, created from my personal art work.  This is taking time to develop but items will soon be available.


So whilst we can’t chat with you over coffee and cake right now, we can offer a virtually distanced hug and continued friendship and some really lovely products.


Dawn and Chloé

Chloe & Dawn .jpg