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A 'new & updated' Winstonberry is coming...

Goodness gracious me. Can you really believe it's August already? We certainly can't! It's been a crazy, crazy time hasn't it? What with all the Covid 19 shenanigans, lock down, the closing of the cafe and having to clear it of all the stock, equipment and furnishings.... then all the work we've been busy with at home lately (creating a garden/decorating several rooms/clearing out junk/creating a nursery.... phew!) Sooooo much has happened in what is really a very short time. And so many big big changes.... Life just doesn't feel the same. It's hardly surprising we are all feeling a bit (or maybe even a lot) out of kilter really.

Perhaps it's just us? Are you all feeling it too? Like there has been a massive shift.... one of those gorgeous big snow globes, with everyone inside and someone up above decided to give it a good old shake.... and all the little snowflakes are trying very hard to find a new normal and are settling back down again. Then along comes another little shake... and another.... It's hard to describe isn't it? And meanwhile the government continue to spew out these new ideas and new rules on an almost daily basis.... Where are we at with it all? Who are we even? It's all been so challenging and difficult in so many ways.

We handed back the keys to the shop 1st June, and whilst it was with a truly heavy heart, we are sure we have made the right decision. Even now everything is so uncertain, everyone was allowed out, let's get back to normal, the numbers were down, then they're back up. Travel is allowed, then it's stopped again. Don't wear a mask, do wear a mask, it's super important that you do! It's still so uncertain and with the threat of another lock down looming. We are just going to forge forward with our plans to go online and hope to bring you all something a little bit special during these mad times.

So with a deep intake of breath and a dose of positivity, we are challenging ourselves during this new month ahead. It's time to move on, look forward in the business and make the most of it still being officially summer. It's time to bite the bullet and get going with the new and updated version of our Winstonberry brand. We are still working on ideas and tweaking and chewing the fat -and generally trying to drum up shed loads of positive energy to really go for it! A lot of suppliers have been closed for months now and many are holding back on their winter collections etc so in the retail sector things are far from back to normal. It's been hard for many businesses and lots just haven't made it through. So the road we were travelling seems to have highs and lows at the moment and navigating is a bit of a challenge. Things just aren't the same and doubt they will be again.

Within the coming weeks we hope to begin to form some sort of 'look' for the brand and be able to put out a few ideas. In essence, by autumn, we intend to be up and at em! The website will get an overhaul and our branding may change a wee bit. Lighter, fresher! We are also considering hosting some creative workshops so you folks can get your makers hats on again and focus on positive things for winter coming. It'll be good to catch up with you all too. We miss seeing your smiling faces....

Lots of love to you all. Keep watching for our updates and news. We may arrange an introductory on line live sale in a few weeks to allow you to see our new goodies and get first dibs! Stay tuned so you are amongst the first to know :)

Enjoy what remains of summer and see you all soon!

Love Dawn & Chloe xx

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