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Autumnal Updates

Hi everyone, it’s lovely to be writing to you all again. Since Autumn in the UK officially begins on 22nd September 2020, it felt fitting to give this post an autumnal title and theme. So, greetings! How is everyone doing?? We do hope this little message finds you all well (or at least as well as can be expected, given the year we’ve all had so far). And as ever, time is flying by so fast. Chloé and I both remarked just the other day that it seems incredible to be thinking of Christmas already. It hardly seems any time since we were making plans for the festive season last year. And look at all the changes since then. Just WOW!! Is probably all that’s appropriate to comment on that front.

Baby bump is doing well. Just under 3 weeks to go now and Chloé will become a Mummy. The nursery is ready…. So really it can come any time now, as far as I’m concerned ;) Mummy to be on the other hand, may like a little longer before the sleepless nights are upon her…. Then again, maybe not…

Our brand new Winstonberry website is coming along nicely. Setting up shop entirely online has been more demanding than we’d initially anticipated, but Chloé has worked her magic and it’s looking lovely and very profesh… All in all, things are gelling together and taking shape, and within the next couple of weeks we will get our first version out there in front of you. It may not be absolutely perfect or indeed as fully stocked as we’d like it to be - but we’ve decided, since Christmas is a coming, and also baby…. we can’t afford to delay any longer.

Getting stock hasn’t been entirely straightforward. Almost all suppliers are quoting ‘covid’ as being reasons for delays - delayed manufacturing/ delayed opening times / increased costs due to delayed materials /delayed deliveries etc. etc….. We’ve looked far and wide to try and source some gorgeous things, and we will be connecting with more new suppliers over time. Our hope, longer term, is to be offering a range of unique items – not the same things you see everywhere else. We also believe it’s time for a pop of colour. Creams, whites, beige and grey are all absolutely stunning, and a welcome part of our collection – but adding a little splash of colour can make such a difference to a room scheme. We are going for tasteful, cheerful things to brighten up your space and to make your home unique. We also have a gorgeous selection of gifts, which will be perfect timing for the coming season.

We’ve ordered some textile and homeware items using my artwork. Many of the printers are running weeks and months behind and these items have been holding us up. We won’t compromise on quality, so because of this, we are patiently awaiting more samples. These items will have to be added into our range over time – but fingers crossed they will be worth waiting for and of course, you will not be able to get them elsewhere. I am currently working on some new designs too – so hopefully they will be a great addition to the on-line store.

On the home front we’ve both been really busy trying to conclude our on-going projects. It has, despite all it’s pitfalls, been a really good year for us both in terms of getting much of our renovation works complete. Working long hours, both at the shop and away from it, was never good for productivity in the home! (I was lucky to find time to hoover and throw a few loads of washing in, most weeks!).

So finally, we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The plus side of this of course, will be giving us lots of free time to spend with the baby when it arrives. So it’s really not all bad. Every cloud and all that….

Well, dear friends and followers, I shall leave things there for now. We do have a little competition running on Instagram and Facebook to try and increase our on-line following. Please do like and share if you can. It means the world to us because you really, genuinely are, helping to support a small business.

Lots of love to you all as ever,

Dawn & Chloe


Watch out for our on-line launch…… coming soon xx

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