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How are we all doing?

I thought since I had a few free moments, I'd send out a little blog post, just a little note to see how you all are? We are so aware right now with social distancing and not meeting up etc. that it's important for us all to find ways in which we can keep in touch. We can't chat over the counter sadly, or tempt you with the delights of scrummy cakes and delicious coffee (yes, the coffee..... it's such a miss), so we must take any opportunity to update you with what's going on over here at Winstonberry.

I'm sure you'll recognise the painting below of Mr Fox... It's a sweet picture - one of a series I created for an exhibition I had, back in 2016 I think, some time after my Dad passed away. I was reflecting upon childhood memories and the bright colours that came from that series of work has really stuck with me. And lets face it, we all need a bit of colour and a bit of cheerfulness in our lives right now. I feel very blessed that painting and drawing has always been my therapy. I get lost in creating art and the time just seems to fly when I'm painting. What's your passion? Do you paint or draw? Or perhaps knit or crochet? Reading is a lovely pass-time too, theres nothing like curling up with a good book - so nice to do. Do you cook? Always nice to receive a good winter warmer recipe, perfect for the cold days ahead... I love gardening too and I'm betting many of you love your gardens? But we are now approaching winter and the UK weather turns cold and wet, (its has already, let's face it!) so we need to find other options. Especially as all this Covid shenanigans continues..... Don't get me started!

Chloe and I have tentatively discussed hosting some work shops in art and crafts and maybe some florals (Christmas table decorations) and perhaps wreath making again. We are closely following the covid rules - which currently allow up to 6 people to meet outdoors. We have an outbuilding at home which is open faced, and with a bit of a tidy up could be a perfect workshop - so who may be interested in a wreath workshop outdoors? We can get the carols on, wrap up warm, maybe light the burning bin to keep the chill off and ply you all with mulled wine - or tea and coffee. I can get some scones in the oven and maybe some mince pies? Anyone? Obviously we will share dates on social media but you guys who follow us will always get first dibs! My home is just outside Hamsterley village, DL13, so check out how far we are - its a lovely run out and it would be so good to get together with a few of you again. Maybe we will host a couple of classes so could accommodate 12 people, over 2 weeks. It's not a lot - best get in quick if you're interested!

We've been working hard behind the scenes to get the new website up and running. It hasn't been easy in honesty. We know the type of products we want but finding suppliers currently is proving very difficult. We have some lovely things on there and will be continuing our search for more quirky and colourful items and pretty homeware. You'll see we have eventually decided upon a manufacturer for our lovely colourful scatter cushions. The time scales have been mind numbingly slow but we are getting there and they will be with us soon. If you'd like to pre-order, we will offer a little discount incentive. Watch out on social media soon.

And of course, our Big Big news is of the safe arrival of our beautiful little Jasper! He came into the world promptly, on his due date, 5th October. We are pleased to say both he and Chloe are doing very well. I think there have been one or two tricky nights and a little lost sleep, but all in all, he is a little ball of wonder and we are all absolutely smitten! He is our brightest light in all of this gloom. A true joy.

We do hope you are all well and managing to cope with Covid and the changes we must endure on an almost daily basis. We send you all big big hugs and lots of love. Do keep in touch, we love to hear all the news and gossip (eeesh did we say that?!) and to know you are all well.

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days as we plan to introduce a little offer for Halloween.... And as ever, we send you so much love and thanks for following us on our continuing journey

Dawn & Chloe xx

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