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Lockdown Love 2.0

Since it’s a new month once again, it feels right to be touching base with you all. Thank you to our new subscribers, we really appreciate all our supporters – and at times like this, it means such a lot to us to be able to connect.

November 7th today .… so we’re a few days late but we know you’ll forgive us. It’s been ‘one of those weeks’ for all – running about like mad things, since the announcement came on Sunday, to lock down on Thursday. If you’re like us, you’ll have been hurrying out to the shops, no doubt trying to get a few things in before Christmas, just in case!! Or maybe you’re one of those loo roll collectors? We are glad to say we’re not but we do have a few spares tucked away.

Fingers crossed we will be ‘released’ once again in December. All being well, we shall be allowed to enjoy all the festive cheer just as we would normally and gather with family and friends – all be it, in small groups.

News over here at Winstonberry…. Well, our little Jasper is a month old already. He will be walking before we all know it. He’s a little bundle of gorgeousness and has won our hearts already but as you’d rightly expect, he is taking up a lot of his Mummy’s time. I’ve been holding the fort in terms of getting orders out to customers, but I haven’t dared touch the website for fear of messing things up! So apologies that many items are showing out of stock. Unfortunately with yet another lock down, this will no doubt affect our chances of getting hold of stock and updating many of our items. It’s a bit sad but nothing we can do about it. That said, it has kind of pushed us toward making another decision. Our own bespoke range is already proving popular and pre-orders will be sent out this weekend for the cushions and prints that have been long awaited. They are gorgeous and lovely quality so although they’ve taken a while, we feel it was worth the wait. Indeed, the response to our bespoke range has led us to consider expanding our own exclusive brand and moving forward, we will be buying in less from other suppliers.

Let’s face it, we don’t want to be the same as so, so many other companies out there vying for your business and the lead times on orders are just not cutting the mustard. Once we build up on or own products, we will have an exclusive range – not available anywhere else and we can better control quality and stock numbers. We are very excited to make this bold move, and have learned we shall be able to have our own designs printed onto many more items. Have you seen our lamp shades? They are truly stunning and the quality is 5*. We have struggled to find quality lamp shades ourselves when looking for something a little different, so we feel certain they will prove to be popular items.

Day Out With Mum - Prints Available from £24.95

They are made to order – you can chose your size from 3 on offer and also decide whether you want a lamp fitting or a light fitting. We will have more design choices for you very soon too. So, it’s all good, although it’s yet another bend in the road that is the Winstonberry journey. We will get there in the end. As you know, it’s not exactly what we had in mind when we started the biz 2 years ago but fate works in mysterious ways and who are we to question? We thank you for continuing to support our little venture. Genuinely, it’s not been easy and we are grateful for your continued friendship. It really is lovely that so many of our ‘old’ customers have ordered from our little shop.

Chloé has managed to sneak a moment just in time for the weekend, to upload our new images and has added the new cushions and prints to the Winstonberry Bespoke area of the online shop. Lampshades to follow. So if you are keen to have any of the new items, please get in quick. We will be placing another order very soon for more stock but given the current situation, we really aren’t sure whether we will get much more before Christmas – and we know already, lots of you are going mad over Christmas this year! Many have already said their Christmas tree will be up very soon! And frankly, we don’t blame you all. We could all do with a bit of colour and extra sparkles right now to cheer us up.

With the current situation Chloé and I have decided to create a special discount offer site wide, a bit of 'Lockdown Love'. As always our newsletter subscribers get to find out first, so if you aren’t already, get yourselves signed up – if you want to be in early with the discounted goodies - it's Black Friday soon ;) Our lovely subscribers get their hands on offers (sometimes exclusive) before our general followers, when the newsletter goes out with this monthly blog post. It will be extended to all our followers later, so if there is an item/s you have got your eye on, please don’t hesitate to place your order.

So, as ever, we will be thinking of you all. Stay safe everyone – and just as we did last time, we will get through this shenanigans! It’s all a bit ridiculous now but at the end of the day we must protect our health. Sadly the wellbeing portion could maybe do with a cuddle – so we send virtual cuddles across the airwaves to you all,

Dawn & Chloé



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