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Well by now I'm sure you will have seen from us, read in the paper, heard on the grapevine, that we're closing our Café and B&B in Gainford, and won't be re-opening it when the time eventually comes.

In case you haven't heard, here's the short version...

Due to the current climate and there being such uncertainty surrounding all small businesses, but particularly those in hospitality, we felt the best way to move our business forward, if we were able to at all, was to move with the times. So, we have decided to take our much loved gift shop online! This means we can continue with a large part of our business that we're really passionate about, and can get going sooner rather than later.

A few weeks back it looked like the consensus for our industry would be re-opening around Christmas...not only a particularly quiet time for us in the Café and B&B but Chloé will also have a very small baby to consider!

As a 50-50 partnership from the outset, running a business like ours alone at anytime would be very challenging, but even more so now. With so many strings to the Winstonberry bow, it's too much for one person. The bricks and mortar store was the sticking point for us, so letting it go, frees us up to continue our business from a different angle.

We know this will be a great disappointment to some, particularly those who travelled regularly from Darlington, Durham, Hartlepool and some of the lovely customers from the village, and for that we're truly sorry. The day to day faces and little bits of gossip here and there will be a huge miss, they already are, but it is definitely the right decision for us, and we hope you understand.

So, whilst Winstonberry the Café and B&B won't be re-opening in Gainford, we are still here and just, moving with the times! If our gift shop, homeware, interiors etc have been of interest to you before, or you just want to follow us crazy pair, we would be thrilled if you continued with us on this journey. We're active on Facebook & Instagram for the latest updates, otherwise sign up to our newsletter for the monthly low down!

For now, thank you all very much, take care and "see" you soon! Dawn & Chloe x

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