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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu......

Please forgive our extended silences and reluctance to update our social media in recent weeks. Things seem to have become rather boring and repetitive with lockdown No.3 and we think everyone is feeling it this time more than ever – so we felt we should spare you the same groundhog offerings!

We began to write this final blog and farewell letter to you yesterday, but it seemed rather down hearted and sad in honesty. Having slept on it another night and pondered a bit more, if feels less sad today! And we are truly feeling more buoyed and optimistic for the future. Perhaps as the year anniversary approaches, to our current Covid demise, it is becoming more akin to wading through treacle. We are all waiting with bated breath for the sun to come out of hiding again. And really, what more is there to be said about it all? We all know the year we’ve suffered – in many different ways and for many different reasons. But in actual fact, none of us (or very few) have come out unscathed. And currently we still don’t see a definitive end to it all. But it will end and we will overcome this and things will resume some form of normality eventually. We can all take comfort from that. And look forward with positivity and a smile.

We do have some things to be grateful for. One in particular was amazing and wonderful for our family. Our little Jasper made his appearance last October and he has absolutely filled our lives and hearts with joy. He is already 4 months old, which seems unbelievable. He has had a tough few months himself as it transpires he has an allergy to cows milk! So it hasn’t been easy for him or his Mummy and Daddy – but they are getting through it now and he is much more settled and a happy little soul when his tummy isn’t causing him pain.

And of course, in true Winstonberry style, we are never ones to stand still. There have been lots of discussions going on behind the scenes. Lots of chewing things over, cogitating and considering. The upshot of all of this, is that Winstonberry is closing. Completely and finally. No more on line and certainly no more café, B&B or otherwise. If the past 12 months have taught us anything, it is that we value our freedom to work as and when it suits. Having a little baby is challenging for working mummys, so why not make it work in our favor? It was always going to be a tough one, returning to work as a new mum for Chloé, so this way, we don’t have to leave the house if we choose not to. We are blessed to have a fabulous studio space now that our home renovation works are complete, so it makes far more sense to utilize this to it’s full potential. And Jasper can come along too!

Many of you will know that our backgrounds aren’t actually in hospitality – but are in fact in art and design. So the decision we have made as a result of all the covid chaos, is to follow our true path. But instead of wringing out the Winstonberry flag and flying it again under another guise, we decided it was time for a clean break and a fresh start. We appreciate the majority of our followers did so because of our cosy café, good food, fantabulous coffee and the opportunity to meet up with family and friends in a lovely atmosphere and in a beautiful setting. Sadly, with everything that has come along, we realize it isn’t our hearts true desire to pick up where Covid has left us (or will leave us…). So many things have changed on so many levels.

It really is, so long and farewell dear friends and followers. It is a final adieu from team Winsto. It was fun while it lasted and it is an experience we shall never forget. There are faces in the crowd that we are so very grateful to have met. There are experiences we would like to forget – but many more which we shall cherish forever. It was a stepping stone on our life’s path – but we have to keep on moving forward. And it feels right to do it now. To release those kitchen apron strings! (Haha!)

We do still have a small amount of stock in the gift shop but updating the website is very time consuming, so it may be that we shall be sharing our final stock items on our social media over the coming days (as well as sharing massive savings with you all – selling at cost or even less). If you are fairly local you may want to take advantage of saving postage costs and coming to collect? If we receive a few orders or a decent order for a particular area, not too distant, we can negotiate possible personal delivery (socially distanced of course) and will do our best to work around things. And our beloved shiny gorgeous barista coffee machine will be going up for sale too. Probably one of the hardest ties to cut but it makes no sense to keep it now. So if anyone is in the market or knows of anyone who may be, please share. The decision is made – no more café or deli for us.

Our new venture has yet to be named…. We are still in deep discussions and the jury is currently out! We will be launching it very soon and may invite you to like and follow – but please don’t feel any obligation. We are going off on a very different path now. We are creating our own designs on fabric, lamp shades, cushions and art prints. The collection will be a unique, beautiful, colourful and stylish offering to adorn the home. Colour has always been at our heart and is our mantra. It lifts your mood and makes you feel happy…. and we all need some happiness in our lives! We shall begin with a launch of our first collection hopefully within the next 6-8 weeks in perfect time for spring and summer 2021 and then we shall take things from there. It will be a high-end range offering fabrics and cushions of the highest quality, and all items will be produced here in the UK. Over time we shall look to take on a very select few stockists as well as launching our own brand with a new website and social media accounts.

So that’s it folks. When the last stock sells, Winstonberry shall be closing its doors for the final time. We’ve loved the journey and we are so grateful to all of you who have followed us, supported us and become friends. THANK YOU. And we don’t just say it lightly, we really, really mean it. Stay safe, keep well and we shall see you all sometime,

Much love,

Dawn and Chloé

Winstonberry xx

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