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Spring has sprung!

Updated: Aug 12, 2019


April Fools?

Anyone have a prank pulled on them on Monday 1st? Or did you fall for a funny story in the news? I read a good one on Monday night, – a small business we follow on Instagram, announced they were opening another branch in New York! I found myself reading the article thinking, WOW!! I was so impressed… for like 3 whole minutes…. Goodness, that’s a very bold move for such a small concern I thought. I was then moving into the mode of feeling inspired, ‘well, why the hell not – good on them’!! I was so lost in admiring their guts and determination…. J until finally the penny dropped! (insert laughing emoji and embarrassed face). And it was at that point it dawned on me, it’s the 1st of April… I’d been April fooled! (yes, yes, I know it doesn’t count after mid day, but you get the idea!)

Monday was possibly the first time ever, or at least, that I can recall, when April Fools Day almost passed me by without a thought! That’s a sure sign of being involved in a busy business? And it would be absolutely correct J March has whizzed by in a complete blur. Is it just we who are struggling to comprehend how quickly this year is moving? April already. How on earth has that happened?

Thinking about writing the blog post for the month of March, I considered what had gone on over the past few weeks. At first, discussing it, we felt nothing much had been happening…. But really, that’s not entirely true! There was that little mini summer spell a few weeks ago. Hold your hands up if you thought summer had come early? We did! We got sandals out and bought new summer work shoes and everything! Over said summer period, we saw men in shorts, ladies in t-shirts, the sandals were unearthed, toe nails polished ;) and at Winstonberry, we virtually sold out of ice cream! All in the space of a sunshine weekend! The plants (and weeds) began thriving on the terrace (sounds posh if we call it that… ahem….). And…. I put my winter boots away! I did! The daffodils in the village began blooming – and what a spectacle they are! Wow!! So very pretty. And even the blossom began appearing on the trees. Mind, these past few days have been testing as we’ve gone right back to winter! As I sit and write this post, we have snow falling up on the tops in Weardale…. (maybe it’ll be a day for boots again tomorrow).

We haven’t Brexited yet…. Yawn…. Who else is fed up with all that clap trap… (sorry if it’s just us…..) and Victoria is back on ITV! We loooove a good period drama. Suckers for em! How about you? A big favourite is Pride and Predjudice with Colin Firth, in that white shirt, open to the navel… I’m digressing…sorry…. Café news….

So, everyone is asking us about the Deli. What is happening? When is it opening? What will we be selling? And the short answer is – it’s on its way – scheduled (keeping everything crossed) for the end of May. We have now held our final craft workshop in the Beehive room – and have already taken delivery of an item or two! Hope you all love Gin as much as we do? We have some veeeery special treats in store if you do. The shelving system is being measured up and hopefully fitted within the next few days. And did anyone say ‘Deli show’? Yes… there is an actual trade show, held every year for businesses in the industry. So this coming weekend, we are headed down country to sample the wares and delights of the best craft food makers, farm produce, bottled beers, and distillers. Apparently it’s a fabulous show, so we have our walking boots polished and at the ready and will be doing the length and breadth of the show, tasting, testing and selecting goodies for all of our lovely customers.

Last Sunday, we hosted a really lovely afternoon tea especially for Mothers Day (and a special birthday). It was a pre-bookable event so that we were able to prepare the food fresh on Sunday morning (the kitchen was buzzing) - and we were almost full to the brim. So far, the feedback we have received, suggests that it was a big hit with our lovely Mums and their families – so another job well done J. These special events are hard work and take a lot of planning, but it is so rewarding when people tell us they have had such a lovely time. Bearing in mind that we have not yet been open a full year, it is still a huge learning curve for us. But it seems we are getting things right for our regulars and our returning customers.

Every Mum received a beautiful potted Primula on Mother's Day

April looks set to be another busy month with Deli plans coming to fruition. We also have Easter ahead of us which is both very exciting (please note we will be closed Easter Sunday and Monday) but also one of our absolute favourite times of the year. Whats not to love? Chocolate eggs, Easter bunnies and spring blooms? Wonderful.

See you all soon,

Dawn & Chloé xx

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